The “Land of Smiles” production team is thrilled to announce that Liberation Arts practitioner Kimiko Broder will be joining us in Thailand! Kimiko brings her expertise in Forum Theater to the production, leading exercises designed to foster engagement between actor and character, and deepen the actor’s awareness of the issues their character faces. In Kimiko’s words:

“Liberation Arts are keys to developing the essence of the whole person. When using Liberation Arts techniques, we access our histories in the here and now, linking our stories to unresolved global issues. We then share our stories in performative activities. The technique at the forefront of my work is “Forum Theatre.” Forum Theatre was created to “conscientize” participants to social prejudice and discrimination within their own society. I use these techniques in the theatrical context to create mock scenarios that give opportunity both in performance and in practice, to fix the scenarios. Through these techniques, the participants—both actors and audiences (“spectactivists”)– will be able to see the consequences of their solutions, and become mindful of the way these issues play out in their own lives.”

We welcome Kimiko on board!