On Feb 1st we presented a staged reading of SURVIVE at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, as part of a conference, From Prosecution to Empowerment: Fighting Trafficking and Promoting the Rights of Migrants. The conference was organized by the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, USC Center on Feminist Research and USC Department of Sociology, who brought together an amazing group of feminist scholars, artists, and experts in the field.

Special thanks to the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, USC Department of American Studies and Ethnicity, The Steinway Company and the Annenberg Family Chair for sponsoring our performance. And my heartfelt thanks to the cast and creative team: Joan Almedilla, Melody Butiu, Jennie Kwan, Kerri-Anne Lavin, Lowe Taylor Cunningham, Katy Tang, Rick Culbertson, Greg Franklin, Lynn Marks and Ted Braun for your beautiful work.